Menard Wurtz Agency (MWA) is a consulting and brokerage agency that caters to the needs of organizations and individuals that expect well-designed products, superior service, and the lowest market pricing.

MWA has the depth and breadth to serve companies of any size and any complexity. No matter the size of your firm, we can provide you with the knowledge, experience, and resources your company needs to reduce risk, protect assets, attract and retain your best employees. Our agency is committed to providing the absolute highest level of customer service and invests a higher percentage of our time per client than traditional agencies.  

MWA works as an advocate for companies, identifying competitive and cost-effective benefits programs that are best suited to each company's organizational goals. While offering cost effective strategies, we also keep long term effectiveness in mind.

MWA is a privately held Insurance services firm focused on delivering long-term results and building long-term relationships.

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