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The sweeping health care legislation that was signed into law on March 23, 2010 will likely affect every American. Its numerous provisions are complex and multifaceted. We are committed to keeping you informed and to helping you understand and implement the required changes and take advantage of opportunities that may be available to you.

The legislation as drafted is incomplete as it lacks the detail needed to determine how it will be put into practice. The various agencies charged with monitoring and enforcing the new law (HHS, IRS, DOL, etc.) will provide clarification and technical corrections, and additional regulations will be issued to provide guidance on application and implementation.

MWA is committed to keeping clients updated on new developments involving the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).  The following information will be provided to you at no additional cost. 

Not only do we provide the following services to our clients, but we also provide an easy to use HR website for our clients.  This site will provide information regarding a HealthCare reform timeline and other important information.

Health Care Reform News



      MWA will provide Newsletters that will provide updates regarding recent changes with regard to PPACA .  As updates are made to PPACA we will send these updates to you in a timely manner.




     MWA will keep you compliant with PPACA and make sure your organization has an opportunity to create plan designs that are not only cost effective, but compliant.  With the tremendous number of rules and regulations, our guidance will keep you well-informed of current and future changes necessary to your employee benefits plan.

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