Executive Benefit Arrangements

It is a common for many employee benefits programs, while comprehensive and beneficial to the majority of the workforce, inadvertently punish those at the top.  It runs against the fundamental HR rule that requires a successful company to attract and retain the very best talent at the top of the corporate ladder. That is why the development of an attractive executive benefits plan is vital to maintaining quality leadership in a business’s highest ranks. Affecting usually only around one to three people, an executive plan will make sure that the entire company is in good hands.

Key Person Buy-Out

Ensure a seamless business and stock transfer solution upon the death of a key owner. This strategy allows a key person to insure the life of an owner under the arrangement that the owner agrees to sell all of his business interest to the key person upon the owner's death.


Key Person Life Insurance

Protect your business from financial losses upon the death of a key employee critical to business operations. Key person insurance can function as a form of commercial loan protection and can provide needed funds when a business is to be continued, sold or liquidated.


Executive Equity

Provide selected employees with valuable Executive Equity life insurance in their benefits package. Employer-paid premiums are fully tax-deductible as compensation to the employee with death benefits paid directly to the employee's beneficiary.


Corporate-Owned Life Insurance (COLI)

COLI is life insurance on employees' lives that is owned by the employer corporation, with benefits payable to the corporation. COLI was originally purchased on the lives of key employees and executives by a company to hedge against the financial cost of losing key employees to unexpected death, the risk of recruiting and training replacements of necessary or highly-trained personnel.



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