Individual Coverage

The ACA’s individual mandate is now in effect.
Employees should be reminded as necessary that the individual mandate was not postponed when the government delayed the effective date of the employer mandate for a year, to Jan. 1, 2015. The individual mandate requires, in short, that individuals without health insurance through an employer or other source, such as Medicare, purchase it on their own or be subject to a penalty for not doing so. The insurance they purchase must meet federal minimums for coverage. Thus, those employees should be provided the tools necessary to choose coverage.

Exchanges are open for business.
 It can be of value for employers if they make sure that their employees are aware of the federal and state exchanges—collectively, the health insurance marketplace—especially if the organization’s employee-only coverage is affordable, but family coverage has a significant cost to the employee. Such employees may be able to find more affordable or cost-effective coverage through an exchange. Subsidies are available. Providing employees with the information on whether they may qualify for a subsidy through a health care exchange will assist them in making the most appropriate choice of coverage. See, Kaiser Family Foundation Subsidy Calculator.

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